Steel Man Pakistan

Mobile Shelving

Delivering cost and space saving off-site archive solutions

To keep archival records on company premises is time consuming in terms of management resources and costly in terms of space efficiency.

Look The Business

Limited only by imagination,shelving system and panels can be created to complement the decor of the sorrounding environment.

To enhance the aesthetic appeareance of your mobile storage system,a wide range of decorative styles are available including :- acrylic,steel,melamine,painted steel or fabric.

Back Panels

If the mobile is not positioned into a corner,but adjacent to a walkway,back panels are vailable for the static bays which create a clean,smooth finish.


Mobile Racks



Effective strorage systems are designed to provide efficient storage and retrieval.That's why every mobile shlvung system will give excellent accessibility, whilst maximising the use of floor space for storage.

Mobile racks in Pakistan are the best way to utilize space which makes it more useful for retailers, wholesalers, industries and offices. It is the most efficient way to store your items and products. Furthermore, mobile racks in Pakistan can reduce floor space up to 50% and you can utilize your remaining floor space for some other purposes. Mobile racks in Pakistan are a great way to save your cost on floor space.
Mobile shelving is effective in saving space,by eliinating the need for several movies along floor tracks, the space for only one aisle is needed.when an item is required the particular shelving bay is identified and an adjacent aisle is created by moving shelving units apart.

Mobile shelving is opened and closed by pull handles, hand operated mechanical systems.

Roll-a-side mobile shelving is useful in small offices or awkwardly shaped areas,such as corridors or alcoves.Shelving is mounted on low-profile mobile bases and tracks and are simply rolled aside to reach the units behind.